So you’ve finished university or just out of school, what’s next? Assuming no more studying, then most likely you’ll be trying to get a job and start earning money.

Your priorities will be different when compared to someone who has been working for a while and has started a family. In later posts we’ll explore what financial matters could impact your financial health, but for now, we’ll start by just outlining a few points, in no particular order. Food for thought, so-to-speak.

  • Learn to save
  • Immediately start by saving an Emergency Fund – you have no job stability
  • Learn about the value in creating a Budget
  • Interest compounding is your friend
  • Know where your money is going – reduce “satisfaction” expenses (habits are expensive)
  • Make career decisions, not “grass is greener” decisions, but do not be afraid of taking risks
  • Now is the time to work as hard as you can
  • At work, never burn your bridges
  • Welcome to the world of taxes
  • Welcome to the world of banking
  • Beware of people trying to take your money
  • Never go into credit card debt
  • Pay attention to jobs that offer a pension plan
  • Do not rush into either a car or home loan – eliminate all other debt first
  • Consider if insurance (e.g. life or health) will benefit you
  • Considering marriage or children? No problem!  Just understand what financial changes are needed
  • Get a regular financial health check
  • Donate i.e. get into the habit of giving back
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Hi. I hope you enjoy reading the posts! I have 20 years regional and international experience in financial services, and I am passionate about helping others achieve Financial Freedom by making wise financial decisions. Keep coming back!

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