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Health Check

Are Your Finances in Good Health?

Health Check



It’s really no different than when you visit your medical doctor. Some visit when they feel ill, others just to ensure there are no potential or lurking problems.

A financial health check works the same way. It’s a great way to diagnose why you may feel that you are not in control of your money. Or perhaps you would like validation that you are on the right path.

We provide an objective assessment of your current financial situation, including understanding your immediate goals and advising what steps may be needed to achieve your goals.

Money is a critical component of our lives and peace of mind is usually easier to achieve when we are not worrying about our finances.

For many though, personal finance is a confusing topic, and unravelling our current financial problems, planning for the future, or just making a wise financial decision is challenging. A financial Health Check can help you with these circumstances in a cost-effective way.

It really depends on what works for you.

We suggest (a) whenever you feel stressed out by money worries, (b) when you have an important short-term goal that has a financial impact, or (c) whenever you have a material life event or decision (e.g. marriage, children, buying a home, etc.).

If you eventually decide to get a Personal plan, we’ll offset the Health Check fee against the Personal Plan fee. You would not be paying twice! 

To keep the cost of a Health Check low, we will communicate primarily by phone and email. If exceptional circumstances require an in-person visit, we’ll try to accommodate at a mutually convenient time and venue.


A Personal Plan is your roadmap to achieving medium or long-term financial objectives in a particular life stage. See a FAQ below for a few examples.

The focus is always to identify actionable steps to achieve your defined objectives, which usually would require managing and increasing your net worth over the medium-to-long term to pay for your goals.

The Plan will therefore be in a more in-depth review of your total finances, current and projected, and align these to your medium-to-long-term goals.

Our Health Check is focused on the immediate or short-term, meaning your current financial situation and short-term goal(s).

In contrast, a Personal Plan takes a longer view and charts your financial portrait in the future.  

The easiest way to answer this question is by saying, whenever you have a defined medium or long-term goal. It should be definite because vague goals would create a plan that does not have actionable steps.

For example, a twenty-something year old should certainly be thinking about retirement planning, but creating a Plan around this goal would lack specifics, if compared to someone in their mid-forties. 

The twenty-something year old, however, could validly say that he/she wants to buy a home in 10 years, and we can help assess that objective and create a plan to achieve it.

There could be numerous examples, for example, you want to buy a home, fund your children’s university education, reduce your debt, save capital to start a business, etc. Of course, many of us also focus on the ultimate objective: prepare for a comfortable retirement.

Any medium or long-term goal that has a financial impact should be planned for; don’t leave it to chance just because it will happen in the future.

Yes, probably several.  

Personal Plan

Prepare for Life’s Financial Challenges

Personal Plan


Career Coach

Chart Your Career Confidently




Ambitious individuals are sometimes frustrated when they try to advance their career and often wish they could obtain independent advice about what they need to do or do differently to achieve their objectives.

We can assist with multiple aspects of managing your career, including the basic but critical resume presentation, to interview preparation, to networking (depending on industry).


We’ve reviewed countless resumes as recruiters.  One of the bigger challenges is making the mental switch that your resume is for someone else to assess you.  It could help tremendously if someone knowledgeable and objective can “cold read” your resume and give you their impressions of your paper self.

It can help you decide what needs to be changed or how to position yourself in the interview.


As mentioned in the previous question, one of the bigger challenges of candidates is making the mental switch that your resume is for someone else to assess you.  It is a marketing document, and the reality is, most people simply cannot translate their experience into a compelling written story.

Many times, to secure that next job it is worth the effort to get independent writing assistance.


Sure. Sometimes doing a run through helps you gain confidence and identify potentially weak answers that need work. 



General FAQs



Fees are generally determined by estimating the amount of time we will spend on your project. But they will be influenced by various other soft factors.

The bottom line is we are interested in providing a high-quality service for a reasonable fee. Depending on the circumstances and competing client demands, we are prepared to be flexible.

If you are not satisfied that we have added value, we would be happy to discuss partial or full refunds.

Providing a high quality service is an investment in time; therefore, we limit our client base to an amount that we can properly serve.

If we are unable to help you immediately, we will say so upfront.

We take client confidentiality seriously. We will never breach your privacy unless we obtain your express consent.

We accept clients from Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.

We accept cash, cheques, and wire transfers.

Yes. Just tell us what works for you and we’ll work out an arrangement.



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